With our solutions we can provide every sector with a custom rubber product

Rubberindustrie EBO manufactures technical rubber products and elastic plastic components that are used for applications such as sealing, dampening, thermal and acoustic insulation. Examples are sealing tape, bellows, caps, O-rings, gaskets, profiles, vibration dampers, etc. We offer a wide selection of different types of materials, including solid rubber, cellular rubber and foams.

Capabilities and processing

We have a wide choice of materials with which we can make anything.

Our materials

Our cutting machines can cut gaskets and seals out of various types of rubber and plastics. Using a drawing of the required product, the computer-controlled machine can process the product directly. We can cut your product into almost any shape you want and almost all our sheet material can be provided with a self-adhesive layer.

We manufacture custom rubber moulded products, entirely tailored to your drawing or model. We use a variety of rubber presses for this. Examples of moulded products are O-rings, bellows or vibration dampers. We can also make moulded products that are partly provided with an encapsulated metal part.

Rubberindustrie EBO uses more than 1300 different die-cutting tools. With our die-cutting machines, we can precision die cut different types of rubbers and plastics in line with your model or drawing, to an accuracy of 0.01 mm. Almost all our materials can be provided with an adhesive layer on both sides.

By laminating your rubber product or providing it with a self-adhesive film, the rubber product can be affixed to a surface.

Rubberindustrie EBO offers a wide range of different types of rubber and plastic. Examples are cell rubbers, solid rubbers and foams. We can apply a self-adhesive layer to most materials.

Rubberindustrie EBO supplies self-adhesive sealing tape made of various types of cellular rubber and foam. We produce the sealing tape in any size you want. The width can even be chosen per millimetre. Depending on the size and material, the sealing tape can be supplied on reels.

What we make

You can always contact us for a free, no-obligation quotation. Based on a sample or a (handmade) drawing and the requirements your product has to meet, we will determine the right material and the best production method. We offer a solution for every application!

Of course we are happy to help you make the right choice!

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